[Sheepdog] Sheepdog cluster expansion

Fernando Frediani (Qube) fernando.frediani at qubenet.net
Mon Aug 1 10:44:15 CEST 2011


If I start my cluster with the following scenario: 2 Servers with 10TB each (one single logic drive presented by the Raid controller) and obviously copies=2 how should I grow it ?

Should I always add a 2 x Servers of 10TB every time I need to increase my storage or can I just do one by one and it will always balance the data between any number of servers available ?

If I can add one by one does these servers need always to be the exactly same size of others (10TB) or there is some flexibility on having a mixture of that and again the things will balance fine ?

In another slightly different scenario if I have already enough storage for my KVM Virtual Machines and all I need is just CPU and Memory is it OK jus to add a node with that but without storage and make it use the sheepdog for its VMs as well ?


Fernando Frediani

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