[Sheepdog] testing (was Config for dedicated storage network and NIC bonding?)

Matthew Law matt at webcontracts.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 13:18:35 CEST 2011

On Fri, July 29, 2011 6:36 pm, MORITA Kazutaka wrote:
 > Thank you.  The test we can use for Sheepdog now is only qemu-iotests.
> It is a client-side test and it tests only VM's I/Os against Sheepdog
> volumes.  I think we need a test framework for a server-side code
> before using production purposes.  I suspect there are some bugs
> around Sheepdog data recovery and node membership management.  It
> would be really nice if somebody create a framework to test those
> things.
> The other thing we need to do now is to create a recovery tool.  Some
> users reported that their cluster became in an inconsistent state
> because of Sheepdog errors or wrong shutdown.  We need something like
> a fsck for Sheepdog.

I don't think my skills are up to the challenge of writing an fsck but I
would like to contribute and I am interested in writing some tests.

Is there any preference for how to write the tests or a testing framework?
-CUnit or cmockery for example?



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