[Sheepdog] testing

MORITA Kazutaka morita.kazutaka at lab.ntt.co.jp
Mon Aug 8 17:22:48 CEST 2011

At Thu, 4 Aug 2011 10:13:45 +0100,
Matthew Law wrote:
> On Thu, August 4, 2011 4:59 am, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> >> Any testing framework or library is OK to me if it is enough popular.
> >> To be honest, I'm not familiar with testing tools.  I'd like to hear
> >> more opinions
> >> about this from other mailing list's members too.
> >
> > I use 'check': http://check.sourceforge.net/
> > quite easy to use and available on most plattforms.
> Check looks cool and has great docs too.  Does the code use/do anything
> 'funky' that a test framework would need to handle?

No, I guess any test framework would work well with Sheepdog.

How about Glib Testing?

QEMU used 'check' before, but looks moving to the glib test framework.



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