[Sheepdog] Patching qemu-kvm with sheepdog code

Haven haven at thehavennet.org.uk
Fri Jan 28 13:36:39 CET 2011

I just had a confusing conversation in freenode #kvm. Apparently it may 
already be patched and enabled by default in qemu-kvm 0.13 but I can't 
find any evidence confirming or denying this.

If anyone has any confirmation on this it would be appreciated.

Many thanks


On 01/28/11 12:23, Haven wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Has anyone attempted patching the qemu-kvm code with sheepdog ? I 
> suspect its a fairly small change but I'm not sure where/how to make it.
> There are some features I'd like to keep using with qemu-kvm rather 
> than just qemu and it would certainly be of interest to me if there 
> are any guidelines on if this is possible or how to go about trying it.
> Many thanks for your time
> Regards
> Simon

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