[Sheepdog] Fedora Sheepdog packages - testing welcome

David Nalley david.nalley at cloud.com
Sun Jun 5 05:46:02 CEST 2011

Just a quick note:

Sheepdog packages are now in the Fedora 15 and Fedora rawhide repositories. I 
just fixed a build issue with EL6 and that is headed for EPEL6-testing, and in 
a few weeks EPEL6 stable. (obviously EPEL6's libvirt/qemu-kvm doesn't 
currently support sheepdog, but perhaps that will provide some motivation to 
get them to backport support in.) 

So now installing sheepdog in Fedora is as easy as 'yum install sheepdog'. 

Additionally, I went ahead and created a feature page for Fedora 16 here:
That 'feature' has been approved by Fedora's engineering steering committee, 
so at a minimum we'll get some publicity for Sheepdog out of it. 

I've been trying to poke the virt-manager and python-virtinst folks to get 
sheepdog support there, but not a lot of movement yet. 

Also attached are my changes to the spec file. 

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