[Sheepdog] nodes not joing the cluster automaticaly

Sonali Jadhav sonali at servercentralen.se
Wed Mar 16 08:33:35 CET 2011


Thank you for your support.
I have followed your instructions but it didn't work for me, so I down the kvmbox2 server & formatted the server and followed the standard process of sheepdog implementation.

I did not changed anything on kvmbox1 this time.

I am again failed to get list of both nodes.
I have attached the latest kvmbox2's and kvmbox1's sheep logs and corosync logs. I found that it is not able to send message to kvmbox1 or both node not able to communicate each other.

Should I consider this as network problem & I need to dig the network? 
And on kvmbox we have tap interface for eth0 & we are using eth1 for sheepdog. So, does tap interface affect sheepdog ?

Sonali Jadhav

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On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Sonali Jadhav <sonali at servercentralen.se> wrote:
> Hi Kazutaka,
> I tried to reinstall sheepdog. And in new sheep.log file it seems ok 
> except one line,
> " read_epoch(1928) failed to read epoch 0"
> But still they are not in cluster. :(
> I have attached new sheep.log files of both kvmboxes. Please have a look. Why both node are not joining cluster automatically?

>From your corosync log files, it seems that something goes wrong with the corosync on kvmbox2.
Would you kill and restart the corosync daemon, and try to restart sheep daemons again?


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