[Sheepdog] sheepdog's recovery alogorithm questions

jidalyg_8711 jidalyg_8711 at 163.com
Thu Mar 17 09:13:57 CET 2011

hi, Kazutaka
Can you explain the process of the func find_tgt_node() ? 
I can't understand it fully.





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At Wed, 16 Mar 2011 10:52:18 +0800,
jidalyg_8711 wrote:
> Thanks for your replies!
> Another questions:
> 1. write_object() return's value always >= 0
>    but when you call the write_object, you think an error happened if ret < 0
>    for example in vdi.c  
> if (ret < 0)
> return SD_RES_VDI_WRITE;
> I think this is bug ,because return values is impossible < 0, and can't get error of the write_object.
Thanks!  I'll post a fix later.
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