[Sheepdog] Sheepdog 0.2.3 released

MORITA Kazutaka morita.kazutaka at lab.ntt.co.jp
Sat May 21 16:53:58 CEST 2011

Hi all,

This release includes bug fixes related to node membership change, and
adds virtual nodes support.

 - retry getting object list when an error occurs
 - remove failed node from cpg ring
 - return SD_RES_NEW_NODE_VER when accessing recovering objects
 - return SD_RES_NEW_NODE_VER during node membership change
 - fix wrong call of setup_access_to_local_objects()
 - check epoch when the request causes local access
 - retry when network error occurs
 - set return value in all cases
 - fix reading responses of forwarded write requests
 - avoid calling update_cluster_info() in worker threads
 - check return value of get_nth_node()
 - fix I/O accesses to multiple unrecovered objects
 - introduce object recovery state
 - use more suitable type
 - sheep: ignore SIGPIPE
 - send only header when error occurs
 - fix wrong error checks in fix_object_consistency()
 - avoid non-blocking in worker threads
 - make socket non-blocking
 - move sd_nonblocking and sd_nodelay to common functions
 - suppor direct IO
 - distinguish different kinds of objects
 - sheep: fix 32-bit integer overflow in stat_sheep()
 - introduce virtual nodes
 - sheep: fix double node failure recovery
 - sheep: print the joining node address on error
 - sheep: use timerfd for the timer implementation
 - sheep: use eventfd for work queue event notification
 - sheep: add comments about object recovery
 - sheep: fix the check of the return value from write_object()

The software is available from SourceForge.net:




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