[Sheepdog] Extended attributes support by sheepdog

Кипеть Сергей sergey.kipet at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 15:49:37 CET 2011

Hi, Everybody!

I'm looking for the data distribution software applicable for tight
integration with Nova ('libvirt'). Sheepdog seems to be exactly what I'm
looking for (many thanks to the software authors). Anyway, there's
something I would like to clarify by using your aid, guys.

Just wondering if support for the extended attributes is provided by
Sheepdog. I mean, what kind of behaviour should be expected in case of,
e.g. a VM snapshot (or VM image itself) converted by 'qemu-img' containing
(for the conversion moment) any kind of user extended attributes - would
the created VM snapshot (image) keep those attributes it had before the
Sheepdog conversion procedure? If it wouldn't, should this kind of support
to be added to Sheepdog aditionally to be provided? Or this is planned to
be implemented already? (Far from the latest version of the Sheepdog
software was used while testing, got it from the Ubuntu distribution

Thanks a lot in advance.

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