[Sheepdog] Synchronization thoughput

Rubens Matos rsmj at cin.ufpe.br
Thu Sep 29 22:21:47 CEST 2011

I have been performing some tests concerning the scalability of sheepdog.
I've noticed that the throughput of write operations does not increase
beyond 6~7 MB/s, in a two-nodes cluster. The workload is being generated to
a VM running on a sheepdog VDI.

Do you have any information about the maximum synchronization throughput (in
MB/s) obtained using sheepdog? In the KVM Forum slides, there is a bar plot
showing around 15 MB/s for the throughput, but I think this is the total
rate, considering both read and write operations performed by the "dbench"
benchmark, am I right?

Thank you in advance for the attention,

Rubens de Souza Matos Júnior
PhD Candidate at UFPE
MoDCS Research Group - www.modcs.org
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