[sheepdog] Small Change

Joe Ryner jryner at cait.org
Tue Dec 18 23:24:42 CET 2012


I was having some problems doing a "make rpm" for version 0.5.5 and kept getting errors with option.c

To Fix:

I added option.h to 


Line 211
noinst_HEADERS = bitops.h event.h logger.h sheepdog_proto.h util.h \
			  list.h net.h sheep.h exits.h strbuf.h rbtree.h \
			  sha1.h option.h internal_proto.h

Secondly in the sheepdoc.spec.in

I added sheepfs to the files section and also for the man part.

Sorry I don't care enough to setup a full development environment for a couple little issues.

Do as you wish with this info.

I love the idea behind this software.  Thanks so much!!!


Joe Ryner
Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT)
Production Coordinator
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