[Sheepdog] Stale Objects Questions/Observations

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 07:57:37 CET 2012

On 02/22/2012 10:55 PM, Shawn Moore wrote:

> I have been following, using and testing SD for a while now and saw a
> commit comment (https://github.com/collie/sheepdog/commit/a1cf3cbd28fb09ee0cf5dba30876b0502e8023dc)
> that mentioned stale object cleanup.  My questions/observations
> follow.
> I have been testing against the farm version of the code and it looks
> like not all of the objects are being cleaned up when a vdi is
> deleted.  I have done several tests and it seems the VDI_ID00000000
> files are left after the vdi's are deleted.  I have done several
> rounds of testing with 44 nodes.  If each node creates a vdi called
> "NODEX" where X in a number, I'm left with 44 vdi's.  I have done it
> with 128MB vdi's and 10G vdi's.  No matter the size, I'm left with 88
> files @ 4MB after all vdi's are deleted.  88 because copies = 2.  Of
> the 88 only 44 have unique id's due to copies = 2.  Should these
> remaining object files be there since all vdi's have been deleted?

Thanks for your test.

No, I don't think so, currently farm deals with the stale object in the
context of recovery. Currently, both farm and simple store don't handle
the stale object of deleted VDI yet. I am going to take a look at this
issue later, cooking the patch to remove the stale object of deleted
VDIs for farm.

> I also would like to know if epoch cleanup is supposed to be fixed yet
> or not.  When I drop a node and then put it back, the amount of data
> in the cluster, from the perspective of the os, grows even though no
> activity inside the vdi's took place.  This appears to be limited to
> the node that dropped.  The cluster was at epoch 1 when I dropped the
> node, I waited until the cluster reported being back to full size to
> bring the node back.  Then after the cluster reported being back to
> full size, I checked and now it's at epoch 3 (understood because 2 was
> dropping node and 3 was it coming back.  But the os reports double the
> space for that node.  There is no object directory for epoch 2 on it
> because it was not a member of the cluster during epoch 2, but
> directories 1 and 3 are both the same size.  So then to finish my
> test, I deleted all vdi's.  After a few minutes, "collie node info -r"
> shows "Total 2000572 3695091 0% 0".  It reports no data, but according
> to os utils, over 900GB still remains in "/sheep/obj/*".  I then
> shutdown the cluster "collie cluster shutdown" wait a few and then
> restart it, now it shows "Total 2922982 9253980 31% 0".  "collie vdi
> list -r" shows no vdi's.  os's still report over 900GB.  Why if there
> are no vdi's is there still over 900GB worth of data?  I assume the
> 900GB includes ~ 21GB of duplicated data between epoch 1 and 3 on the
> node that dropped and came back, but I would think in the end old data
> should be purged in this situation as well.
> I have lots of data if desired showing what files/times/sizes were in
> /sheep/obj/* at various stages, as well as what the os reports at same
> time.  I get strange results with various du commands, but believe
> that is due to usage of hard links between epochs.

I guess in this test, you use simple store?  FOr simple store, stale
objects both from recovery and deleted VDIs are not handled yet.


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