[Sheepdog] [PATCH 2/2] sheep: don't skip notify event

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 10:55:41 CEST 2012

From: Liu Yuan <tailai.ly at taobao.com>

We need to handle notify event firstly because during shutdown operation,
in a large set of nodes, some nodes that are shut-down will be mistaken
as a leave events and broadcasts to other nodes where the notify of shutdown
is delayed, thus cause those nodes to perform recovery process improperly.

Signed-off-by: Liu Yuan <tailai.ly at taobao.com>
 sheep/group.c |    6 +++++-
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/sheep/group.c b/sheep/group.c
index a4ddc73..6aec105 100644
--- a/sheep/group.c
+++ b/sheep/group.c
@@ -1084,8 +1084,12 @@ do_retry:
 		struct request *req = container_of(cevent, struct request, cev);
 		struct sd_obj_req *hdr = (struct sd_obj_req *)&req->rq;
+		/* we need to handle notify event firstly
+		 * since it may has shutdown cluster command or some nodes may
+		 * take nodes that being shutdowned as left ones
+		 */
 		if (cevent->ctype == CPG_EVENT_NOTIFY)
-			continue;
+			break;
 		if (is_membership_change_event(cevent->ctype))

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