[sheepdog] [ANNOUNCE] Sheepdog 0.5.6 released

MORITA Kazutaka morita.kazutaka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 06:42:49 CET 2013

Hi all,

This release includes bug fixes and cleanups from the master branch
which don't break backward compatibility.  The software is available
from GitHub:


Changes from 0.5.5 are:

Hitoshi Mitake (5):
      logger: add date and time to log messages even if an output is stdout
      checkpatch.pl: reduce obsolete checks
      checkpatch.pl: reduce an obsolete check
      checkpatch.pl: forbid illegal empty lines after break;
      logger: clean printf styled log functions

Joe Ryner (2):
      sheep: update sheepdog.sepc.in
      Fix rpm build error

Liu Yuan (71):
      sheep: fix a sheep hang problem
      collie: more strick check against 'node kill'
      object cache: handle partial write due to unexpected crash
      collie: add comfirm for cluster format when cluster is not empty
      zookeeper: rework zoo helpers
      zookeeper: fix clientid when sesstion changes
      zookeeper: refactor event handling
      zookeeper: use PRId32_t to print queue_pos
      zookeeper: cleanup paramter passing
      zookeeper: refactor zk_queue_push_back()
      zookeeper: use rbtree instead of glib's binary tree
      zookeeper: refactor zk_member_init()
      zookeeper: further reduce the parameters of zoo_xxx helpers
      zookeeper: remove field 'join' of zk_node
      zookeeper: remove clientid from zk_node
      zookeeper: rework block/unblock and leave event handling
      zookeeper: add an option to control heartbeat timeout
      sheep: return SD_RES_INVALID_PARMS when cache is not enabled
      sheep: fix build error by wrong spelling of option.h
      test: teach test framework to test zookeeper driver
      zookeeper: fix zk_tree_destroy()
      zookeeper: don't kick start next event when not joined
      zookeeper: remove retry at create phrase
      zookeeper: allow only one to continue for concurrent setup
      zookeeper: fix kick_block_event logic
      zookeeper: pass membership in event for join request
      zookeeper: fix spurious seq node events
      zookeeper: only write leave event when node is not in the tree
      zookeeper: handle master crash before join response is sent
      zookeeper: fix random segfault due to uninitialized allocation
      collie: enhance 'vdi check' to fix missing object
      object cache: cleanup strbuf usage
      object cache: enable external cache location
      net: don't use keepalive for sockfd
      sheep: add option for dual nic support
      net: cleanup str_to_addr()
      sockfd cache: cleanup parameter
      sockfd cache: support dual connections for a single node
      tests: suppress false errors for zookeeper
      tests: add 050 for IO NIC
      sheep: fix hang when IO NIC is down only
      sheep: support disk more than 2T
      tests/035: teach it to catch more bugs
      net: add read timeout for sockfd
      collie: retry read for eagain
      object cache: drop dirty tree
      object cache: clean up cache for format operation
      object cache: clean up and fix cache size calculation
      object cache: fix false reclaim after sheep restart
      object cache: use a per vdi lru list for reclaimer
      object cache: delay reclaimer for a newly pulled object
      object cache: clean up object_cache_{pull,lookup}
      object cache: fix reclaim_done()
      util: rename set_trimmed_sectors as untrim_zero_sectors
      sheep: remove unnecessary extern keyword
      sheep: fix missing extern keyward for global variables
      collie: give more user friendly error message for 'vdi check'
      sheep: remove accord cluster driver
      util: don't print out unnecesssary line and function name.
      ulil: add self-panic xvalloc() helper
      checkpatch: forbid none buffer safe sprintf()
      sheep, collie: use xzalloc instead of zalloc
      object cache: destroy lock for vdi deletion
      sheep: check resource limit at startup
      sheep: set LOCK_VDI/GET_VDI_INFO/RELEASE_VDI as local type
      sheep: release object cache when vdi is released
      net: pass a function pointer to check if need retry
      sheep: retry write for EAGAIN
      sheep: pass epoch to sheep_exec_req()
      gateway: fix segment fault when closing all connections incorrectly.
      gateway: fix wait_forward_request()

MORITA Kazutaka (4):
      sockfd_cache: add macro to calculate a watermark
      use boolean where it is appropriate
      net: remove redundant argument from tx
      net: connection shouldn't be closed on EINTR error

levin li (2):
      collie: add 'collie vdi cache flush' to flush dirty cache
      collie: add 'collie vdi cache delete' to delete cache

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