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+Dog intro
+Run *'dog'* without any argument to have an overview of the 
+sub-command and options.
+As you can see it's quite clear, there 3 main sub command:
+*'vdi', 'node', 'cluster'*.
+Commands and descriptions are pretty intuitive.
+We are going to analyze the most frequently used in this section, and all the
+others later.
+    # dog
+    Sheepdog administrator utility
+    Usage: dog <command> <subcommand> [options]
+    Available commands:
+    vdi check               check and repair image's consistency
+    vdi create              create an image
+    vdi snapshot            create a snapshot
+    vdi clone               clone an image
+    vdi delete              delete an image
+    vdi rollback            rollback to a snapshot
+    vdi list                list images
+    vdi tree                show images in tree view format
+    vdi graph               show images in Graphviz dot format
+    vdi object              show object information in the image
+    vdi track               show the object epoch trace in the image
+    vdi setattr             set a VDI attribute
+    vdi getattr             get a VDI attribute
+    vdi resize              resize an image
+    vdi read                read data from an image
+    vdi write               write data to an image
+    vdi backup              create an incremental backup between two snapshots
+    vdi restore             restore snapshot images from a backup
+    vdi cache               Run 'dog vdi cache' for more information
+    node kill               kill node
+    node list               list nodes
+    node info               show information about each node
+    node recovery           show nodes in recovery
+    node md                 See 'dog node md' for more information
+    cluster info            show cluster information
+    cluster format          create a Sheepdog store
+    cluster shutdown        stop Sheepdog
+    cluster snapshot        snapshot/restore the cluster
+    cluster recover         See 'dog cluster recover' for more information
+    cluster re-weight       re-weight the cluster
+E.g. to be reminded of the parameters needed to create a vdi, you may type:
+    # dog vdi create --help
+    Usage: dog vdi create [-P] [-c copies] [-a address] [-p port] [-h] <vdiname> <size>
+    Options:
+    -P, --prealloc          preallocate all the data objects
+    -c, --copies            specify the data redundancy (number of copies)
+    -a, --address           specify the daemon address (default: localhost)
+    -p, --port              specify the daemon port
+    -h, --help              display this help and exit
+We remind you that square brackets means that the parameter is
+optional (you can omit it).
+Vice versa, within '< >', the parameter is mandatory.
+Finally, you may use **'man dog'** to have an overview of all the sub 
+commands and their parameters.

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