[sheepdog] [PATCH stable-0.8 2/3] zk_control: add list and purge queue nodes issue

wzy8629 at 139.com wzy8629 at 139.com
Wed Dec 10 12:24:04 CET 2014

Hi, All
    On the issue, in my production environment, it is very easy to happen(there is 20 gateway nodes and 10 sheep nodes in my  production environment )
    The only way to slove the problem is useing  zk_control  tools, when the zk node is too huge, use the tools purge periodically , but I think the tools can not solve the issue essentially,  why not  when the zk node in " /sheepdog/queue " is  in no longer use(maybe in the watcher function after watch the event),  we delete the it immediately.

Best Regards!
Zhengyong Wang

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