[sheepdog] [PATCH v3 0/9] object reclaim based on generational reference counting

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 04:08:28 CET 2014

On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 07:08:27PM +0900, Hitoshi Mitake wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Hitoshi Mitake
> <mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The object reclaim doesn't support hypervolume yet. But hypervolume cannot be
> > used as a virtual disk (both of qemu and tgt don't support it) currently. And
> > the removal of old vdi deletion is acceptable for hypervolume because it doesn't
> > support snapshot, etc. So I think this patchset can be applied to the master
> > branch.
> >

I don't think we should merge this patch set in such a haste because it is in
the critical deletion patch that is unlike conditional feature, e.g, nfs, http
that if not enabled, users won't be affected. There are some uers like us using
master branch as the production base. I think of marking the master tip as 
stable-0.8.1 before applying this patch set.

The test patch in the series is too thin to test thoroughly. I'd like to see more
test code.

I'll give it a review as soon as I get time.


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