[sheepdog] [PATCH stable-0.8] configure: correct a variable name for configure option

Hitoshi Mitake mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 15:30:39 CEST 2014

From: Hitoshi Mitake <mitake.hitoshi at lab.ntt.co.jp>

Current configure script for sheepdog cannot handle build time
prameters (e.g. "--enable-zookeeper") well. This patch fixes the

Signed-off-by: Hitoshi Mitake <mitake.hitoshi at lab.ntt.co.jp>
Signed-off-by: Liu Yuan <namei.unix at gmail.com>
 sheepdog.spec.in | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/sheepdog.spec.in b/sheepdog.spec.in
index 8d190f7..6887843 100644
--- a/sheepdog.spec.in
+++ b/sheepdog.spec.in
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ a distributed object storage system for QEMU.
-%{configure} --with-initddir=%{_initrddir} %{_config_opts}
+%{configure} --with-initddir=%{_initrddir} %{_configopts}
 make %{_smp_mflags}

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