[sheepdog] Sheepfs' questions

黃昭龍 regis2261 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 20:06:44 CEST 2014


   I use Sheepdog 0.8.3 to config a two nodes(two copies) environment.
   And use sheepfs to mount the vdi to use as a normal file system storage
directory in two nodes.
   When I try to use wget to download a iso file to this mount dir,I found
that the download progress will hang for a while and continue to download.
   This situation will repeat several times in the whole download period.
   Can I adjust the sheep or sheepfs option(I have open 10G directio
objectcache) to improve this problem ?
   The second problem is the new download file in one node's mount
directory won't appear at
   the other node's mount direction for the same vdi file.
   I must umount and remount the vdi to let the new download file to appear
in the mount directory.
  Can I let the two nodes' mounted directory sync for the same vdi without
remouting ?
  I try to test Sheepdog block device(sbd),But I can't find the source of
sbd in the downloaded source code.
   Hope someone can give me hints.

Chaou-Lung Huang
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