[sheepdog] multiply address problem

Vasiliy Tolstov v.tolstov at selfip.ru
Wed Jul 22 07:27:06 CEST 2015

2015-07-20 12:02 GMT+03:00 Hitoshi Mitake <mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com>:
> I'm writing a patch for supporting RDMA with the library from mellanox
> named accelio: https://github.com/accelio/accelio
> With this library, implementing the RDMA functionality will be easier
> than rsocket. Could you wait for a while for initial support? Then we
> will be able to have a discussion about the problem of multiple
> addresses.
> Sorry for my late announce...

Also what estimated date for this? Because i'm very need this feature
for my current work and can't wait 1-2 mounts =(.

Vasiliy Tolstov,
e-mail: v.tolstov at selfip.ru

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