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faer317 at 163.com faer317 at 163.com
Wed May 11 08:29:31 CEST 2016

Hi,friends! Now I  found sheepfs's problem. In sheepfs method, i write file to a vdi After snapshot,
My  operation:

1.dog vdi create Alice 5G
2.sheepfs /mnt/sheepdog
3.echo Alice > /mnt/sheepdog/vdi/mount
4.mkfs.ext4 /mnt/sheepdog/volume/Alice
5.dog vdi snapshot -s preupgrade Alice
6.umount /mnt/sheepdog
7.sheepfs /mnt/sheepdog
8.echo Alice > /mnt/sheepdog/vdi/mount
9.mount /mnt/sheepdog/volume/Alice /home/1

After this, i found i can't write to "/home/1"
In log, error messages:

May 10 10:41:51 DEBUG [gway 4155] do_process_work(1992) 3, 3119b00000000, 4name:WRITE_OBJ, type:4
May 10 10:41:51 DEBUG [gway 4155] do_process_work(1999) failed: 3, 3119b00000000 , 4, Object is read-only
May 10 10:41:51 DEBUG [main] gateway_op_done(130) unhandled error Object is read-only
According to code , i found it write to the "Alice's" snapshot, don't write Alice

i found Alice's Vdi_id is changed when i make snapshot , the snapshot's vdi_id is the original Id of Alice
,  i check my operation , when i make snapshot, i umount the sheepdog's diretory , and remount Alice,
but still Readonly error.

but if I delete the alice's snapshot, is's OK.

faer317 at 163.com
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