[sheepdog] Is sheepdog still actively maintained?

Raymond Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Sun Mar 17 01:15:52 CET 2019

On 2019-03-15 11:29 p.m., MORITA Kazutaka wrote:
>> Any suggestions on alternatives?  I'd say ceph is a primary one, but sheepdog seemed to be 'lighter weight'.
> I'm a bit interested in keeping sheepdog as a tiny implementation of
> distributed block storage so that we can use it for evaluation 
> purposes.  Since we don't have enough resources for maintenance, we
> have to remove some of the current sheepdog features and make
> implementation as simple as possible.  For example:
>   - Remove object cache feature. We can create a block-level cache
> outside of sheepdog with bcache or dm-cache.
>   - Remove hyper volume feature. We can create a huge block device on
> top of sheepdog volumes with LVM.
>   - Remove object storage feature. It's out of scope of distributed
> block storage and there is more stable software like OpenStack Swift.
>   - Remove experimental feature like NFS or Linux block device support.
> Any comments would be welcome.

I would imagine that does mean that you would be keeping the block 
storage which KVM knows how to use?  Which I think was a primary goal? 
That was my primary reason I was giving Sheepdog a try.

I'm not sure which specific function above to which this relates, but 
the other interesting feature was the shared file storage.  Being able 
to share files between hosts was of value.  But I could see that being 
removed if a simple distributed file system is too complex.

> Thanks
> Kazutaka

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