[Stgt-devel] Re: [Iscsitarget-devel] stgt a new version of iscsi target?

Ming Zhang mingz at ele.uri.edu
Tue Dec 6 19:03:19 CET 2005

On Tue, 2005-12-06 at 10:58 -0700, Robert Whitehead wrote:
> >>>> Ming Zhang <mingz at ele.uri.edu> 12/6/2005 10:32 am >>>
> >on Tue, 2005-12-06 at 09:56 -0700, Robert Whitehead wrote:
> >> In a couple of the iscsitarget mail threads there is the reference
> to
> >> the new stgt implementation which is hosted on the
> >> http://developer.berlios.de web site.  In addition, it also looks
> >> like the lasted source code for the IET project has been moved to
> an
> >> iscsitarget project hosted on the developer.berlios.de site.  In
> fact
> >> doing a cvs browse on this website (sourceforge) doesn't work and
> in
> >> order to see the sourcecode and you have to go to the berlios
> website to
> >> get the latest iscsitarget code.
> >> 
> >> My question is what is the future of the IET project?
> >> 
> >
> >feature freeze and keep it stable.
> >
> >
> >
> >> It appears the stgt is the new direction.  If so what is the
> motivation
> >> for stgt?
> >> 
> >stgt is a middle layer for different transports. so u can have iscsi,
> >fc, sas,... later under same umbrella.
> >ming
> What is the time frame for having initial release of stgt?
> Is it is a good state that if I download stgt and build it, will it
> function as an iscsi target now?
> Robert

i am not a stgt developer, so i could not tell u the time frame. i think
it still need some work before it becomes as stable as iet.

i cc to stgt devel list so u might get some response from them.


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