[Stgt-devel] STGT build fails on FC4

Mike Christie michaelc at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 14 01:35:37 CET 2005

Ming Zhang wrote:
> i do not know the 2.6.14.x kernel from fc4. i can compile it with
> vanilla 2.6.14 kernel. tried both gcc3.4.x and gcc 4.x

Actually Ming fixed this in a file a long while ago, but the problem 
spread to new files. I added Mings fix to include linux/types.h in 
userspace code when including linux/netlink.h to the other files that 
needed it.

I thought there was a way to get around this in a nicer way, but I 
cannot remember. If we figure it out I will back out that include :)

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