[Stgt-devel] outstanding patches and moving the scsi in stgt

Mike Christie michaelc at cs.wisc.edu
Sun Sep 4 03:20:04 CEST 2005


Do you have any large outstanding patches you were about to merge? I 
think to increase our chances of ever getting merged to mainline it 
would be a good a idea to be as generic as possible. So I would like to 
move the stgt core and stgt_vsd/sd scsi code to a type of personality or 
protocal handling module. This personality module can then be overidden 
so that a NBD or AOE target driver can use its own personality module. 
It would basically make stgt a block_target (blk_tgt) framework.

I have patches to move the kernel lun sutff to a more generic 64 bit 
device_id which is interpreted by the scsi personality as a lun. And 
next I would like to move some of the other SCSI command, sense and 
offset/len code.



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