[Stgt-devel] project status

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori
Thu Aug 3 03:19:18 CEST 2006

I tried to write up the current project status.

First, let me make a statement:

Please let us know if you know hosting for open source projects,
providing git service. We like to move everything (kernel and
user-space code) from the current subversion tree.

By the way, I've uploaded OLS tgt paper and slides.


Here's the summary:

- tgt core

-- kernel-space

It turned out that we used netlink wrongly so we replaced netlink. We
need bi-directional, high-speed interface between user and kernel
space. Currently, there isn't such interface in mainline. So we use
mapped ring buffer between kernel and user spaces by using own
character device (I need to replace the very old way to create a
character device). If we find something better, we will replace the
current code (netdev guys seems to bring something promising for
network AIO).

One issue to solve soon is a reference counting issue. The current
design allows you remove the kernel modules any time and it leads to
SCSI command (and other stuff) leak.

-- user-space

The user-space code still has junk mainly because we've redesigned tgt
several times. I've been working on it, but it's not finished.

The most urgent issue is that we need to shut down each target entity
cleanly (it is related with the above reference counting issue).

Another important issue is a configuration scheme. We expect that each
target driver has own configuration scheme and uses our management
tool, tgtadm. We need to work on this.

Fun work to adding new features includes supporting metadata disk
formats such as snapshot (CoW), SCSI bridge (like FC-iSCSI), SCSI
device emulations like Virtual Tape Library, etc. I don't have time to
implement SCSI device emulations in the near future (we don't
implement the SCSI protocol completely yet) but supporting metadata
disk formats is not difficult (and the snapshot feature is very

- target drivers

-- ibmvio

It works, though there are some issues, like OOM handling and a better
configuration scheme.

If the following Xen SCSI driver will be accepted, we have three SRP
drivers in mainline, Infiniband, IBM pSeries, Xen. So I think that
something like scsi_transport_srp would be nice.

-- Xen

I've submitted an updated version of the Xen SCSI front/back drivers
that works like ibmvio (that is, both use the SRP protocol and kinda
virtual HBA concept).


I've not got any responses from Xen Cambridge camp so far, so I'm not
sure whether it will go into Xen tree.

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