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Fri Jul 14 10:39:16 CEST 2006

driver more smoothly (especially on the user-space daemon).

-- iSCSI

Now we don't know where iSCSI tcp for generic NICs and iSER drivers
live. We will post kernel-space part of iSCSI tcp to scsi-ml for
discussion. If we fail to put it into mainline, I'll implement iscsi
target software in user space, which uses tgt user-space code.

We like to support iSCSH HBAs like qla4xxx, but we need to see whether
vendors provide their drivers and info.

-- FC

Mike has been working on qla2xxx. Probably, we need to try to add
target support to scsi_transport_fc first because we will support
other FC HBAs.

I will work on fc support too, but it depends on how other work goes.

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