[Stgt-devel] FirstBurstLenght > MaxBurstLength --> error

Albert Pauw albert.pauw
Sun Apr 15 11:33:27 CEST 2007

Running the test regression script of open-iscsi on stgt I found an 
error, which I did not encounter with other targets.

It is test #17 with the following parameters:

================== TEST #17 BEGIN ====================
ImmediateData = No
InitialR2T = No
HeaderDigest = None
DataDigest = None
FirstBurstLength = 8192
MaxBurstLength = 4096
MaxRecvDataSegmentLength = 4096
MaxOutstandingR2T = 1

I get the error "Invalid burst lengths first_burst 8192 max_burst 4096" 
in /var/log/messages and the login breaks of.
According to the RFC 3720 "FirstBurstLength MUST NOT exceed 
MaxBurstLength" (chap 12.14), which means that the target
should answer back with a FirstBurstLenght parameters equal to 

I investigated with wireshark and found that this is exactly the 
behaviour of the Wasabi Storagebuilder target,
iscsi-target silently accepts FirstBurstLength > MaxBurstLength, and 
stgt only gives an error.

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