[Stgt-devel] [patch] modularization target types. V2.

Albert Pauw albert.pauw
Fri Apr 20 19:11:29 CEST 2007

I applied these patches and tried my setup script below,
but got a segmentation fault at the marked point. Without the patch (the 
original git version)
it works fine. I get the error for type disk as well as cd.


tgtadm -L iscsi -m account     -o new    -u iscsi -p myuser
tgtadm -L iscsi -m account     -o new    -u iscsi_in -p mypassword
tgtadm -L iscsi -m target      -o new    -t 1 -T 
iqn.2007-03.com.example:stgt.disk -Y disk

 >> the following line generates a segmentation fault:
tgtadm -L iscsi -m logicalunit -o new    -t 1 -l 0 -b /tmp/disk.bin

 >> from now on I get the messages:
 >> tgtadm: can't connect to the tgt daemon, Connection refused
 >> tgtadm: can't send the request to the tgt daemon, Transport endpoint 
is not connected

tgtadm -L iscsi -m logicalunit -o update -t 1 -l 0 -n scsi_id -v "HARDDISK"

tgtadm -L iscsi -m logicalunit -o update -t 1 -l 0 -n scsi_sn -v "001"

tgtadm -L iscsi -m target      -o bind   -t 1 -I
# Set iSCSI parameters
... etc ...

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