[Stgt-devel] dd fails with iSER

Erez Zilber erezz
Wed Aug 8 11:11:34 CEST 2007

Pete Wyckoff wrote:

> erezz at voltaire.com wrote on Tue, 07 Aug 2007 12:21 +0300:
>> I was able to setup stgt with iSER support. However, when I try to run a
>> simple sgp_dd (or dd) command, I get SCSI errors on the initiator side:
>> writing blk=256: Host_status=0x02 [DID_BUS_BUSY]
>> error finishing sg out command
>> If I connect to the target over TCP, everything works ok. Also, if I
>> connect to our iSCSI over iSER target (not stgt), it also works ok with
>> iSER.
>> Is there any required patch for iSER/open-iscsi on the initiator side?
>> Is there any debug info that I can see on the target side?
> Interesting.  I tend to use the bsg interface here for testing, and
> may not have gone through all the paths in sg or sd.  Thanks for
> testing!

I'm not familiar with bsg. How do you use it?
> I do have one initiator side patch for iser that I believe is just
> to support bidirectional commands.  I'll try some dd without it to
> see if it matters (on Thursday).  Can you send some of the exact
> command lines that fail?

Try something like the following command:

sgp_dd if=/dev/sg3 of=/dev/null count=10
> To debug the target, run as "tgtd -d 9" and it will produce lots of
> messages to syslog.  We use a local patch here to send the messages
> to stderr instead, but I think syslog should work for you.  If you
> send the interesting parts from the log, I can help decipher the
> messages.
When I run with "tgtd -d 9", I don't see any logs. I only see:

Aug  8 12:01:27 noni tgtd: Target daemon logger with pid=6353 started!


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