[Stgt-devel] FCOE woes

Albert Pauw albert.pauw
Sat Dec 29 14:02:50 CET 2007

I thought I give this FCOE stuff a go.

I am using Fedora 8 and tried to compile the FCOE stuff, which went 
fine, but when I start tgtd I get problems (make ISCSI=1 FCOE=1, but 
compiling only FCOE=1 gives the same problem):

[root at orange usr]# tgtd
(null): fcoe_init(206) (null)
Segmentation fault

 From dmesg:

tgtd[5498]: segfault at 00000000 eip 0805ebca esp bf946060 error 4

Looks like the args* isn't properly initialized or something.


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