[Stgt-devel] [Patch 1/1] SMC module support

Mark Harvey markh794
Sat May 26 06:32:02 CEST 2007

This patch is to be applied on top of the 8 patch set sent in earlier.

It adds support for an SMC module.

The module only supports the SMC unique READ ELEMENT STATUS and MOVE
MEDIUM op codes to date.

This should complete the SCSI op codes for MANDATORY implemenation

There is a script (tgt-core-test) located in the 'scripts' directory
as an example of setting up the robot.

To do:
 - Signal the DATA TRANSFER device when media is loaded.

I have perform minimum testing using 'mtx', sg3_utils package &
NetBackup 'robtest' robot test utility.

I can generate a new patch based from tomo's git head if it makes it
easier for anybody to apply / test.

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