[Stgt-devel] No LUN option in target.c

Albert Pauw apauw
Mon Nov 26 09:18:32 CET 2007

Hi Tomo
> What you want is remove the lun0 scc device, right?
Yes, see one my previously posted message regarding Windows behaviour.
> It doesn't work well for the ibmvstgt driver, so I also want to do
> something.
> When I finish some overdue tgt stuff, I'll take a look at it.
Thanks that's appreciated.
> Thanks,
> BTW, 
> 1) please don't use an attached email.
You got me puzzled there, can't remember an attached email, but then again
I sometimes forget to set the mail to plain text instead of html.
> 2) Have you compared tgt performance with IET recently?
I did a quick test just now, very interesting. Running tgt/iet on same 
machine as open-iscsi
I noticed that iet is nearly twice as fast. I used a simple test (just 
hdparm -t) but the
difference in behaviour is striking. tgt keeps returning the same speed 
using hdparm, while
iet creeps up in speed (which was initially faster anyway) to six times 
faster than tgt.
Mind you that must have something to do with caching, it's just strange 
that tgt doesn't show
that behaviour.


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