[Stgt-devel] login over iSER without HeaderDigest/DataDigest (was: iSER tgtd performance)

Erez Zilber erezz
Mon Oct 15 11:45:41 CEST 2007

> Scripts look fine.  Is it necessary to turn off HeaderDigest on the
> initiator side?  I had hoped that iscsiadm would realize it was
> asked to use iser and turn off HeaderDigest and DataDigest on its
> own, but never got around to testing that.

open-iscsi handles the HeaderDigest/DataDigest issue. You can use the 
iscsi_discovery script (which is in open-iscsi tree). It is easier to 
use than running iscsiadm. It does the following:

    * Discovers the node
    * Tries to connect & login over iSER (without
      HeaderDigest/DataDigest). If it's successful, it sets the node's
      transport to iSER. Else, it sets it to TCP.
    * Logs out (if necessary)


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