[Stgt-devel] Which kernel should be used for stgt?

Mike Christie michaelc
Wed Oct 24 23:52:55 CEST 2007

Erez Zilber wrote:
> Mike Christie wrote:
>> Erez Zilber wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> So far, I ran stgt only over the kernel from the linux-2.6-target git 
>>> tree. Can I run it over any kernel >= 2.6.20? Can I also run it over 
>>> any major distro? SLES 10 sp1? RHEL 5? RHEL 5.1?
>> It depends on what target you want to run. Are you just wanting to run 
>> the iscsi/iser parts? You did not want to run ibm vscsi did you?
> Currently, I'm just interested in running iSCSI over iSER.

tgt does not need any target specific kernel parts like the scsi_tgt_lib 
module (maybe we are still bringing in headers during compilation - I do 
not remember).

And you would know best what infinniband bits you need.

That should be it I think.

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