[stgt] 0.9.3 released

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Fri Dec 26 02:52:10 CET 2008

The tar is also available:


FUJITA Tomonori (19):
      rename struct tgt_event to event_data
      ibmvio: remove $(KERNELSRC)/include/scsi/scsi.h
      tgtadm: restore tgtadm bind option with bus
      iscsi: fix session reinstatement ref-count mess-up
      increase RLIMIT_NOFILE value
      simplify the failure cleanup path of the backing store ack thread
      fix tgtadm logical unit creation failure segfault
      fix the failure cleanup path deadlock of the backing store worker thread
      embed version number in tgtd and tgtadm
      tgtadm: update mailing list address
      improve TGT_VERSION detection
      rename mktape to tgtimg
      tgtimg: use getopt_long instead of the homegrown parser
      tgtimg: clean up usage
      tgtimg: add device-type and op options
      tgtimg: unify dump_tape to tgtimg
      rm dump_tape
      update .gitignore for tgtimg
      tgt 0.9.3

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