[Stgt-devel] SCSI Return status path flow..

Mark Harvey mark_harvey
Sat Feb 23 07:58:12 CET 2008

Hi All,


After a 'few' months busy on work related projects, I can see some time
coming up where I can start on the SSC (tape) module.


While the code I have is something I'm not proud of, I'm after something
to 'work' - proof of concept type.


Once I understand what it takes to implement an SSC module, I plan on
re-writing and submitting for comment and eventually inclusion into the
code base.


Now for my first question / hurdle..


Re: Variable block reads READ(6)

When I return a "CHECK CONDITION" in response to a 'short block' read, I
have not been able to figure out how to return the block of data read +
the sense code with the 'Incorrect length' condition.

All I seem to get back is the 'CHECK CONDITION' sense information
without the block of data.


No matter how long I look at the code, I haven't figured out the return


Any pointers would be welcome..


Many thanks

Mark Harvey

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