[Stgt-devel] [ewg] Re: [ofa-general] [ANNOUNCE] open iSCSI over iSER target RPMis available

Erez Zilber erezz
Sun Feb 10 15:06:31 CET 2008

Joe Landman wrote:
> Erez Zilber wrote:
> >>>     * READ: 920 MB/sec
> >>>     * WRITE: 850 MB/sec
> >> Not getting anything even remotely close to this.  Are there more
> >> details on configuration somewhere?  I followed the web page as
> indicated.
> >>
> >
> > Are you running iSCSI over TCP or iSCSI over iSER (over InfiniBand)? Our
> > results are with iSER.
> I followed the instructions on the web pages that were pointed to for
> iSER.  Are there updated pages?

For the initiator side, you can see the documentation that comes with
OFED. For the target side, use the wiki page (updated it only last week):


I saw that you were asking about a RPM. There are RPMs for SuSE & RedHat
on the wiki page. These RPMs will be included in OFED 1.4.


>   Is there a way to tell whether or not
> the RDMA path is being used?

Yes - on the initiator side, do the following:

seed1:~ # iscsiadm -m session
iser: [1],1 iqn.2001-04.com.noni-seed1

You can see that iSER is used.

On the target side, do the following:

noni:~ # tgtadm --lld iscsi --op show --mode target
Target 1: iqn.2001-04.com.noni-seed1
    System information:
        Driver: iscsi
        Status: running
    I_T nexus information:
        I_T nexus: 1
            Initiator: iqn.seed1
            Connection: 0
                RDMA IP Address: <-- "RDMA IP Address"
means that iSER is used
    LUN information:
        LUN: 0
            Type: controller
            SCSI ID: deadbeaf1:0
            SCSI SN: beaf10
            Size: 0
            Online: Yes
            Poweron/Reset: Yes
            Removable media: No
            Backing store: No backing store
        LUN: 1
            Type: disk
            SCSI ID: deadbeaf1:1
            SCSI SN: beaf11
            Size: 82G
            Online: Yes
            Poweron/Reset: No
            Removable media: No
            Backing store: /dev/sds
    Account information:
    ACL information:


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