[Stgt-devel] Bug report mediachanger ?

Albert Pauw albert.pauw
Tue Jul 22 22:43:24 CEST 2008

For the media changer I defined three drives starting at address 1,
one robot arm at address 16, ten tape slots starting at 1024, and five
import/export elements at address 32.

However, when I use mtx for the status (mtx -f /dev/sg4 status) I get:

  Storage Changer /dev/sg4:3 Drives, 13 Slots ( 5 Import/Export )
Data Transfer Element 0:Full (Storage Element 1 Loaded):VolumeTag = 
Data Transfer Element 1:Empty
Data Transfer Element 2:Empty
      Storage Element 1:Empty:VolumeTag=                               
      Storage Element 2:Full :VolumeTag=ULT001L3                      
      Storage Element 3:Empty:VolumeTag=                               
      Storage Element 4:Empty:VolumeTag=                              
      Storage Element 5:Empty:VolumeTag=                              
      Storage Element 6:Empty:VolumeTag=                              
      Storage Element 7:Empty:VolumeTag=                              
      Storage Element 8:Empty:VolumeTag=                              
      Storage Element 9 
      Storage Element 10 
      Storage Element 11 
      Storage Element 12 
      Storage Element 13 IMPORT/EXPORT:Empty:VolumeTag=                

Why doesn't show mtx the proper addresses as defined at setup,
i.e. first storage element -> 1024?



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