[Stgt-devel] [Open-FCoE] fcoe target bug fix and cleanup

Dev, Vasu vasu.dev
Fri Jul 11 18:48:29 CEST 2008

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>Im a core developer of wireshark. I have not been involved in any of
>the FCOE decodes, though I have written most of the scsi dissectors.
>Does wireshark handle the new frame format correctly now?

It works with new FCoE header and this link has details on initial FCoE
related Wireshark work http://www.t11.org/ftp/t11/pub/fc/bb-5/07-548v0.pdf

>If not, can you send me a trace with the new frame format and ill
>update wireshark asap.

The FCoE FIP messages are not yet supported in wireshark but I don't have
FIP related trace either since FIP is not yet implemented.
You can track more fcoe frame format changes or find more about FIP at http://www.t11.org/fcoe . It would be good to have FIP supported in
wireshark ahead of its implementation.

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