[Stgt-devel] Bug report - create a file on mounted FS (ext3) with dd fails

Mike Christie michaelc
Tue Jul 22 23:21:30 CEST 2008

Eli Dorfman wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have the following test environment:
>>> Initiator: RH4.4 with OFED1.3.1
>>> Target: RH5.1 with Stgt latest snapshot 20080715
>> Is there any old snaphost that works in the same configuration?
> No, but as I mentioned before it works with (ext2 and iser) or (ext3 and tcp)

Is the RH4.4 running with the stock RHEL 4.4 kernel + OFED and 
open-iscsi? If so could this have anything to do with ext3 journaling 
sending pages that are not refcounted right?  For open-iscsi we have 
checks like this:

         if (page_count(sg_page(sg)) >= 1 && !recv)

and in older versions we check for if the page is PageSlab, to make sure 
we can do zero copy writes on the page. If we tried to do a zero copy 
send on page that was not set up right we would get different errors on 
the initiator. Not sure what happens on iser, because I think in more 
recent kernels where iser is upstream the page counting changed.

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