[Stgt-devel] [PATCH] tgt-admin: support persistent device binding

Doron Shoham dorons
Tue Jul 29 13:17:26 CEST 2008

>> This is what I suggest:
>> <target iqn.2007-04.com.example:san.monitoring>
>>    <backing-store /tmp/ramdisk/lun1>
>>       type default
>>       serial 12345678
>>       vendor my_vendor
>>       product_id my_id
>>       product_rev my_rev
>>    </backing-store>
>>    <backing-store /dev/sdc>
>>       type disk
>>    </backing-store>
>> </target>
>> The reason we use XML is that the original implementation used XML.
>> We suggest two types:
>> 1. disk: "real" physical devices, where we read the properties from the device itself - i.e. storage disks.
>> 2. default - use default tgt values. 
>>    We can also override the properties with user defined values (optional).
>> The reason for the type attribute is to differentiate between these two types.
> I don't know anything about XML but should it be something like?
> <target iqn.2007-04.com.example:san.monitoring>
>    <lun 0>
>      type sbc
>      backing-store
> I think that OpenSolaris has a xml file to store iSCSI target
> configuration persistently. It might provide us some ideas.

There is no need to define the lun (tgt-admin is doing it automatically).
A first glance (in google) it's looks like opensolaris configuration file is a plain text (not xml).
Your suggestion does not solve our need to differentiate between the two types of devices.

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