[Stgt-devel] Moving responsibility for iSER & iSCSI related issues

Erez Zilber erezz
Sun May 11 13:00:16 CEST 2008


After ~4 years of working on iSER & iSCSI, I'm moving on and will be
involved from a different perspective. Therefore, I will be unable to
continue my current maintainership responsibility for iSER related
issues. I want to thank everyone for the great work that I had the
chance to be part of.

Eli Dorfman (elid at voltaire.com) will be taking over my maintainership of
iSER code for kernel.org. Eli has already started doing that work.

Doron Shoham (dorons at voltaire.com) will be responsible for iSER and
iSCSI related issues in OFED (i.e. open-iscsi, iSER & stgt). All
relevant git trees will move from my trees to his.

These changes will be effective as of 19/5/08. After that, if you need
anything, I will be available on erezzi.list at gmail.com


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