[stgt] [PATCH] dynamically link libibverbs and librdma

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at voltaire.com
Wed Sep 24 16:12:40 CEST 2008

Pete Wyckoff wrote:
> If my dlopen() suggestion works, in that it notices the lack of
> libibverbs at runtime, this would work fine with RPMs:
>     tgt : requires whatever it needs for tcp; provides /usr/sbin/tgtd
>     tgt-rdma : requires tgt, ibverbs, rdmacm; provides libtgt-rdma.so
> Base tgtd will always go looking for libtgt-rdma.so.  If it is successful, it configures up the iSER interface, else it quietly does only iSCSI on TCP.
Yes, sounds like having two packages would work in the sense that a user 
can always install the base package and would be able to install the 
rdma package if they have the IB stack installed.

I wonder if/how the calls from tgt to tgt-rdma can be implemented 
without the typedefs and device structure holding pointers to function 
which you didn't like in Doron's patch. If this can't be avoided also in 
your approach, I don't see why its more elegant.


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