[stgt] [RFC 00/14] tgt BSD build support

Boaz Harrosh bharrosh at panasas.com
Mon Feb 23 18:41:46 CET 2009

Hi dear TOMO.

I'm posting a set of patches, as I have them, which enable me to
compile and run osd-target on FreeBSD 7.

None of the other transports and back-stores are tested on BSD but osdemu
back-store (Not submitted) with the user-mode iscsi transport. Which
works at excepted level and passes tests.

Here is the list of patches:

[PATCH 01/14] tgt: Don't interfere with internal OSD affairs       
[PATCH 02/14] tgt: usr/Makefile: Remove none existent include directories 

   These two patches should be submitted to tree, as they clean up important
   (and simple) things. They are at PATCH status.

[RFC 03/14] tgt: Make defintion of sync_file_range a configure option   
[RFC 04/14] tgt: Move away from global name space (FreeBSD)             
[RFC 05/14] tgt: util.h BSD builds support                              
[RFC 06/14] tgt: BSD builds support

   All these patches are, so code can compile on BSD, They should be
   considered for inclusion, as they change nothing for Linux, but
   enable build on BSD.

[RFC 07/14] tgt: BSD builds, some setsockopt are not supported  
[RFC 08/14] tgt: BSD support - Services that are unavailable in BSD     
[RFC 09/14] tgt: BSD support - bind() is picky about names              
[RFC 10/14] tgt: Fix call to getnameinfo() on None Linux systems        
[RFC 11/14] tgt: bs_aio Mostlly not supported under BSD

   All these patches add #ifdef BUILD_ON_BSD for things that are not
   available / different in BSD. It could be nice if they get accepted,
   So the out-of-tree patchset can be kept as minimal as possible. And
   conflicts are avoided in the future. For Linux they just add dead
   code and are not relevant.

[RFC 12/14] tgt: BSD builds support of sys/epoll.h via BSD's kevent     
[RFC 13/14] tgt: bsd_include/ headers, emulates some Linuxism in BSD    
[RFC 14/14] tgt: usr/Makefile BSD build Support

  These last three patches add BSD only files and Makefile settings, 
  and together with above patches enable BSD builds. I understand if
  You would like to keep these files out-of-tree, I can keep them here
  at open-osd.org. Unless you are interested in BSD support at the tgt
  project, then I will be happy if you submit them. In any way I will
  like comments and suggestions on these patches.

I do not think any of the patches should break anything in run time.
They do compile with all make options turned on. I was only able to
test with iscsi transport and simple block/file target.

Please tell me if you are at all interested in these patches or I should
keep them out-of-tree at open-osd.org.

These patches as well as osdemu, can be accessed at:
  git://git.open-osd.org/osc-osd/tgt - osd branch
  or viewed

Thanks in advance
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