[stgt] stgtd 0.9.3 : Read-Errors using iser transport

Dr. Volker Jaenisch volker.jaenisch at inqbus.de
Wed Feb 18 18:01:48 CET 2009

Or Gerlitz schrieb:
> Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:
>> Runs without problems over TCP over IB. We have this setting in production since a while.
>> Please have a look on my recent postings in open-iscsi mailing list.
> [...]
>> Yes, but I also tried on ConnectX HCAs wich reproduces the read errors perfectly.
> OK, this morning I did some reading over your previous postings to open-iscsi and stgt and also some testing. The news is that I have this reproduced on my setup. When I use a different target, it doesn't happen! so I think we're quite narrowed this to be stgt's fault, we'll see...
> Is it correct that at some point you said that a patch of Pete which deferrers sending the scsi response till the rdma-write is completed makes the problem disappear? do you have this patch in a form that applies on tgt's head?
> Also, just to make sure we're on the same page: for write you use opat=1 and for read ipat=1 mismatch=1, correct?
I did the following

Sending Data #1
initiator:~# lmdd if=internal of=/dev/sdc opat=1 bs=1M count=1000 
1000.0000 MB in 1.0469 secs, 955.2348 MB/sec

Checking Data #1
target:~# lmdd of=internal if=/dev/vg0/test ipat=1 bs=1M count=1000 
1000.0000 MB in 0.9031 secs, 1107.2542 MB/sec

to my knowledge mismatch only influences the number of errors on the 
console. So we are consistent.



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