[stgt] [PATCH] use LUN association and SNS ID type for the VPD (0x83) page

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at Voltaire.com
Sun Feb 22 12:46:46 CET 2009

FUJITA Tomonori wrote:
> Or Gerlitz <ogerlitz at Voltaire.com> wrote:

>> Vendor specific ID type is problematic since it should include T10 vendor ID 
>> (see where stgt is not related to any specific vendor. The same reasoning 
>> holds for NAA, EUI64 and T10 ID types. SCSI Name String (SNS - is the only 
>> ID type which  doesn't require explicit authority-assigned vendor ID. 

Sorry, but I  was a bit unclear here, confused vendor specific IDs - with T10 IDs -

> stgt uses 'IET' T10 vendor ID?
> http://www.t10.org/lists/vid-alph.htm#VID_I

The registered T10 vendor id is not used along the lines of - that is the vendor ID type set by stgt is "vendor specific" (0x0) and not T10 (0x1) {see table 298 — identifier type field} and the vendor specific identifier used is the "...deadbeaf..."  and not the T10 registered one.

All in all, it seems something has to change (both regarding the association and the vendor identification). Indeed, fixing things to comply with T10 is possible, however we believe the SNS approach allows the user to set its own target name, configurable through the standard stgt management mechanisms, which may improve/ease target identification and network manageability.

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