[stgt] Test suite for stgt available?

Daniel Smith dfsmith at almaden.ibm.com
Thu Jun 4 02:33:07 CEST 2009

I am a week in to tgt-0.9.6 writing some experimental backing store
routines.  As a consequence I have made some moderately trivial but
far-reaching modifications to scsi_lu (see below*).

My question: is there a test suite beyond scripts/tgt-core-test that also
tests building and functionality?

(I only compile with make ISCSI=1, hence there are several code files
that I never compile or test against.)

Daniel F. Smith

* I mention these changes to struct scsi_lu just in case there is a parallel
effort elsewhere.

remove fd (it was only used by mmc.c:2277:)
add blocksize (I need support for non-2^n blocks: no shifting allowed)
add bs_p (private area for bs_* modules; including tucking bs_thread_info
	and any file handle(s) inside. Accessed through	bstype_priv()
	which replaces BS_THREAD_I().)

Also changes to bs_*_open() to return natural blocksize and remove fd.
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