[stgt] [Patch 0/15] Various bugfixes

Arne Redlich arne.redlich at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:21:26 CEST 2009


the following patchset consists of a number of (mainly small) bugfixes
(with the last patch being an exception both in size and in that it also
changes TGT's behaviour, but still as part of a bugfix):

01 tgtadm: Return correct tgtadm error code and response length if
an invalid tgtadm request was received
02 iSCSI: fix use-after-free for task management requests
03 iSCSI: fix resource leak: if passing an iSCSI task to the TGT core
fails, the task is leaked
04 Fix resource leak: SCSI mode pages are not freed on LU removal
05 tgtadm: Rework tgtadm error code -> string conversion
06 Fix error reporting: tgtadm expects error codes > 0, but some
functions return error codes < 0
07 tgtadm: Fix "tgtadm --debug" support
08 tgtadm: zero out buffer used for tgtadm requests
09 Rework tgtd startup to prevent the logging daemon from obtaining
resources it should not have (e.g. the IPC fd) and fix
logger daemon initialization
10 iSCSI: send the proper StatSN in R2T PDUs
11 Protect driver.h from multiple inclusion
12 iSCSI: return tgtadm error codes in iscsi_target_update() and
iscsi_target_show() for tgtadm to display human readable error
13 iSCSI: return appropriate error codes for "tgtadm --op delete --mode
conn" errors
14 iSCSI: Fix Data-Out size requested with R2Ts / sent as response
15 Remove dummy RAID controller mapped by default to LUN 0

Please review and apply if appropriate.


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