[stgt] IET, UNH. and stgt

Alex Zeffertt alex.zeffertt at eu.citrix.com
Thu Jun 25 15:49:12 CEST 2009

Hi all,

There seem to be several linux iSCSI target implementations.  I'd be really 
grateful if somebody could explain to me a) how they differ from each other; and 
b) what state each of these projects are in.

  1. Linux SCSI target framework (tgt) project (http://stgt.berlios.de/)
  2. UNH (http://unh-iscsi.sourceforge.net/)
  3. iSCSI Enterprise Target (http://iscsitarget.sourceforge.net/)

Do these occupy slightly different areas, or are they competing with eachother?

Best regards,

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